Protecting Your Cooling and Heating Ductwork

When protecting HEATING AND COOLING ductwork, utilize an aluminum foil dealt with fiberglass insulation with an R-6 or greater R-value. Utilize the sort of metal aluminum foil air duct tape suggested by the insulation supplier to secure and also hold the insulation in position.

See to it the aluminum foil surface area of the insulation is devoid of dirt prior to using the tape. Peel the paper support off the tape as you use it to stop the tape from adhering to itself.

If your existing air duct insulation remains in pretty good problem, an added layer of air duct insulation could be used over it. If the old insulation remains in bad problem, eliminate it and also change it with brand-new insulation.

COOLING AND HEATING ductwork with brand-new aluminum foil encountered insulation mounted.
Mount insulation with aluminum foil side out.
Cut the insulation to size and also size, making use of a square as well as a sharp energy blade, to make sure that it fits well around the air duct without pressing the fiberglass.
Use a number of little items of tape throughout the insulation joint to hold it in position, after that secure the whole size of the joint in the insulation with a lengthy strip of tape.

Where the areas of insulation collaborate, use tape right around the joints by gliding the tape under the air duct, after that peeling the paper support once it remains in setting.

Meticulously reduced as well as fit the insulation with each other where the branch lines and also signs up come off the major trunk line, making certain there typically aren’t any kind of spaces.

Inspect that every joint and also joint in the aluminum foil encountering on the insulation is secured firmly with tape to avoid wet outdoors air from permeating with the insulation and also condensing on the ductwork.